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Welcome to the Department of Englsih (Self-Financing)

Self-Financing stream Under-Graduate Programme began in 2015 including B.A Degree Course in English Literature, Language and Communication after Fatima Mata National College attained the status of autonomy in the year 2014. 

Degree Programme offers the same core courses followed in the Aided/Autonomous stream, except the complementary courses. 

The Department of English (S.F) aims at motivating students to become excellent citizens with a vision for individual and community, the capacity to enrich society and nation through the prolific and right use of language, literature and communication, commitment to scholastic merits, compassion and empathy towards humanity to uplift those in the periphery.

The Department offers General English courses for B.A English, B.Com (Coop), B. Com (C.A) and B.C.A

The Department offers an open course for B.C.A and B.Com (Coop) and B.Com (C.A):- Communicative applications in English.

Lessons focusing on humanity, women’s issues, environmental sustainability and value education enable the students to be responsible towards their own family, society and nation to create the best world possible for the present and future generation.

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BA English Language, Literature and Communication

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